"There are many window product lines available, but B.F. Rich windows are the only windows I feel confident to offer to my customers. The name says it all - “Rich” - the look is “rich” and performance is #1. The sales staff, customer service, and manufacturing are second to none. B.F. Rich stands behind every product they offer, with a warranty that no other manufacturer can match. B.F. Rich windows are in my personal home, my office and warehouse. My confidence is what sells the B.F. Rich product line.”

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Hard Coat Low E

Soft Coat
SolarBan 65  is the newest, high performance, solar heat-blocking, low-e product offered by B.F. Rich. SolarBan 65 has achieved an impressive low emissivity rating of 0.031. SolarBan 65 coating technology provides superior aesthetics and high visible light transmission that architects and homeowners are looking for.

Exceptional emissivity ratings (translating into high R-Values) mean lower annual energy bills for buyers who choose SolarBan 65. In fact, SolarBan 65 utilizes an exceptional R-value while adding solar heat blocking superiority designed for regions where air conditioning is used most of the year.

As a manufacture/partner in the Department of Energy’s ENERGY STAR Window Program, B.F. Rich is proud to offer SolarBan 65 glass products that minimize solar heat gain and reduce annual air conditioning costs, have excellent light transmission and the curb appeal of neutral reflectance. Comfort SolarBan 65 provides the best glass technology available in the industry for the windows you purchase. Now you can ask that the windows in your home feature SolarBan 65 glass from B.F. Rich Windows & Doors.

Hard Coat
Comfort E2 reflects heat back into the room, blocking as much as 71 percent of your energy investment from escaping. And solar energy easily enters through the glass, warming your home in the winter. In the summer, Comfort E2 stops as much as 65 percent of re-radiated solar heat from entering your home and reduces direct sunlight by as much as 13 percent.

  • Eliminates cold spots and drafts. In cold weather, Comfort E2 glass stays warm on the inside - minimizing cold spots and convection currents.

  • Reduces fabric fading. Comfort E2 protects fabrics and wall coverings from fading by blocking up to 61 percent of harmful ultraviolet rays.

  • Reduces condensation. Cold glass and warm, moist indoor air can cause damaging condensation. Comfort E2 keeps glass warmer, which reduces condensation and, in turn, fights deterioration and stains on window casings.

  • Durability. Comfort E2 does not deteriorate over time.

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SolarBan 65

With an impressive emissivity ratings B.F. Rich Low-E glasses provide the warm-weather energy efficiency, beautiful appearance, and high light transmittance levels to meet the needs of both architects and homeowners.



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