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Glass optimization cost-cutting software minimizes glass scrap and increases production flow.

Vinyl optimization cost-cutting software minimizes vinyl scrap and increases production flow.

 Grid optimization simplifies and automates the steps required to correctly cut and notch grids.

Low temperature application saves energy and increases the equipment’s life span.

Using laser technology, each unit's volume size is automatically calculates.

 Glass gas analyzer for non-destructive gas testing of insulated glass units.

Every ton of glass used for producing new glass items saves 315kg of carbon dioxide.

Post-Industrial Recycling - Some 99% of all vinyl ends up in finished products.

Recycling aluminum requires only 5% of the energy to produce it.

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The Ultimate Window

Triple Glass
SunClean Self Cleaning Exterior Glass
Soft Coat Low-E Glass on Surface 2
Soft Coat Low-E Glass on Surface 4
DuraLite Energy Efficient Spacer
Argon Gas Filled Air Space
Enviro-Foam Insulated Sash & Frame
Antimicrobial Weather Seals
Ultimate View - UltraVue Screen

Elite Green Shield R-5 Windows for your home, your office and our planet

Products that are recognized as the Most Efficient of ENERGY STAR in 2013 prevent greenhouse gas emissions by meeting rigorous energy efficiency performance levels set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Elite Green Shield R-5 energy-efficient, Energy Star™ qualified windows save you money each and every day. Plus, you’ll be more comfortable the whole time you live with them.

Designed to ensure top performance, the Elite Green Shield R-5 window system has triple insulating glass, two lites of soft coat Low-E glass, argon gas filling, Duralite™ warm edge spacer, Enviro-Foam insulated frame and sashes, anti-microbial treated weather-seals and UltraVue screen.

In our time of increasing environmental awareness and rising energy costs, homeowners are looking for ways to go “green” without breaking the bank. One way is to replace your inefficient windows. Of the homeowners “greening” their homes through remodeling projects, nearly half replace their windows.

Windows can account for between 10 and 25 percent of the total energy consumption for the heating and cooling of an average home. Installing energy-efficient windows can greatly reduce energy consumption and, most importantly, the amount of money required to comfortably heat and cool your home.

Green Shield dual-pane, argon gas-filled windows with SunClean solar selective Low-E glass coatings, windows have the most energy-efficient spacers, as measured by their U-value (a measure of thermal efficiency).

Choosing the most energy-efficient windows can save you hundreds of dollars a year, spare the environment from millions of tons of CO2 and improve your windows’ thermal performance by 45 percent.

How can you start saving money and the environment? Choose B.F. Rich Elite R-5 Green Shield. The Green Shield label tells you at a glance which windows will decrease your home’s environmental impact and increase the amount of money in your bank account.

Enviro-Foam Insulated Sashes and Frame
To increase thermal performance B.F. Rich'Elite Window Cut-a-ways Elite Green Shield Windows have polyurethane Enviro-Foam insulation. Enviro-Foam insulation is injected into specific cavities inside the vinyl frame and sash as to reduce heat transfer rates and improve condensation resistance.

Unlike other foam-insulated windows, Elite Green Shield sashes have a capillary tube that is inserted and sealed in the lower sash rails for residual moisture drainage. This innovative design by B.F. Rich prevents residual moisture from being absorbed into the Enviro-Foam insulation so it maintains its insulating properties and provides protection against the formation of mold.
Elite Green Shield double-hung windows are tested to a DP-55 Rating. They are all-vinyl maintenance free construction that will never crack, rot, or peel, will never need painting and are easy to clean.

Triple glazed 7/8-inch insulating glass includes two lites of soft coat Low-E and patented Duralite™ warm edge spacer. Sure-Fill argon gas provides optimal insulating value to save you precious heating and cooling dollars. The picture to the left shows the additional tint in the glass from the use of two coats of soft coat low-E (SunClean SolarBan 70 and Solar Ban 65) to provide maximum glass performance.

Tilt-in cleaning of double-hung and slider windows from the comfort and safety of the inside of your home.

Double locks over 20" and double night latches for security and safety with the windows open or closed.

Double-hungs and sliders come with a half screen with UltraVue cloth and anti-microbial treated weather seals, full screen are optional.

The Elite Green Shield window surpasses all industry standards for vinyl tilt windows

Our “Reputation for Excellence” is clear to see! Elite Green Shield windows are available in double-hung, slider, picture window, casement, awning, shapes, bow and bay. Frame styles include replacement, new construction and exterior brick mold options. Screens are included with all operating windows. Elite Green Shield truly rivals wood windows in beauty with the bonus of maintenance-free construction.

B.F. Rich Elite Green Shield casement & awning windows feature equal-lite frames so they align beautifully with stationary or architectural shape frames. Concealed hinges create a sleek appearance inside and out. Innovative and patented nesting casement hardware technology offers a 90° opening for optimum ventilation and the ability to clean the window from the inside of your home. Our casement multi-point locking system allows for easy operation and provides security and a tight seal.

BFRich Awning Window

Elite Green Shield awning windows can be used alone or positioned above or below a window or door to add ventilation and light to a room. When placed in rows or even against other windows, they can create a "wall of light" effect that adds beauty and functionality to a room.

Elite Green Shield awning windows have the same frame and sash as a casement window except they are usually wider than they are tall and are hinged on the top and crank open from the bottom towards the outside of the house.

Most Efficient Bullet Elite Green Shield basement hopper windows arecustom crafted, fusion-welded and available in custom sizes and with custom grille patterns. At B.F. Rich we build every basement hopper window to your specifications.


Color Options:

White Exterior / White Interior
Beige Exterior / Beige Interior
Beige Exterior / Beige Interior
White Exterior / Wood Grain Interior
White Exterior / Wood Grain Interior
Euro-White Exterior
Euro-White Interior

White Only
Beige Exterior
Beige Interior
Brown Exterior
Euro-White Interior
Euro-White Exterior
Wood Grain Interior
Beige Exterior
Wood Grain Interior
Grids Available
Grids Available
Grids Available
Grids Available
Grids Available

Grille Options:

5/8" x 3/16"
3/4" or 1" Contour Grid
3/4" or 1" Contour Wood Grain Grid




Standard and Structural L/175 Multi-Unit Mullion:

Standard Multi-Unit Mullion
Structural L/175 Milti-Unit Mullion

L/175 Structural Mullion Meets the ASTM E 330 Standard Test Method for Structural Performance of Exterior Windows

Let a B.F. Rich professional distributor assist you in designing your next project!

Elite Green Shield R-5 Windows are Energy Star Qualified in all 50 States

Soft Coat Low E & Argon Qualifies in all 50 States

Official label for products qualified in all four Climate Zones (Northern, North/Central, South/Central, and Southern)

To meet this criteria with B.F. Rich Windows the product must have B.F. Rich's Soft Coat Low E glass and Argon Sure-Fill gas.

ENERGY STAR was created to help consumers easily identify products, homes, and buildings that save energy and money, and help protect the environment. As the government-backed, trusted symbol for energy efficiency, the ENERGY STAR label identifies highly efficient products and designates superior energy performance in homes and buildings. More Information on Energy Star Most Efficient.

Elite R-5 Green Shield Thermal Data

Elite R-5 Green Shield Structural Data

Elite Green Shield R-5 Windows are ENERGY STAR qualified for MOST EFFICIENT 2013

Green Shield
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